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Sr. NoProjects NameLanguage / Plateform / Technology
1E-Learning of Data StructureC++ Programming
2Crime Management SystemC++ Programming
3Bus Reservation SystemC++ Programming
4Nagpur University BCA Result GenerationC++ Programming
5Nagpur University BCCA Result GenerationC++ Programming
6Statistics Formulas ImplementationC++ / C language
7Computer Graphics VisualisationC++ Programming
8School Management SystemC++ Programming
9Railway Ticket Reservation SystemC++ Programming
10Convent School Management SystemVisual Basic
11Railway Ticket Reservation SystemVisual Basic
12Bookshop Management SystemVisual Basic
13Restaurant Management SyetemVisual Basic
14Nagpur University BCA BCCA Result GenerationVisual Basic
15Hotel Reservation SystemVisual Basic
16Student Management SystemCore Java
17Student Management SystemJava Swing
18Two Wheeler Vahicle Insurence Management SystemC#.NET
19Four Wheeler Vahicle Insurence Management SystemC#.NET
20School Management SystemC#.NET
21Leave Management SystemC#.NET
22Railway Ticket Reservation SystemC#.NET
Engineering Projects
Sr. NoProjects Name
1Scada (supervisory control and data aqcavisation)
2Industrial control
3Radar detection and firing system
4Automatic meter reading with tampering proof
5Talking robot
6Sms train
8Ivrs (interactive voice response system)
9(Vcos)Voice operated computer system
10Whether station for agriculture
11Face detection
12Watermaking in vedio
13Square management
14Virtual drive
16ERP (enterprise resource programming)
17Project management
18Training and placement
19Brain Hypothermea
20Cardic analyzer
21Biometric system
22Data mining with algorthim
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